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Tenant Q&A

What time is check-in and check-out?
Check in time is 2pm and check out time is 10am.

Can we check-in early?
Unfortunately, early check ins can not be accommodated. Please plan to arrive for check in time or enjoy lunch along Asbury Avenue or the boardwalk if you arrive a little early.

Do we need to bring towels and linens?
Yes, you will need to pack your own towels and linens. Remember to pack towels for the beach, bathrooms, and kitchen. The beds will have a comforter on them, but be sure to bring a top and bottom sheet in addition to a pillowcase. Many times guests will bring their own favorite pillow from home to make their stay even more comfortable.

What kind of equipment is in the kitchen?
All of the units are stocked differently depending on the culinary ability of the owner! But all units will be stocked with enough silverware, plates, and cups for the occupancy limit stated on your lease. There will be pots and pans as well to make a good meal. However, if you are particular or plan on making a large meal, maybe pack some of your extras from home to make sure you will have all the little things to make your meal! Most units include coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, and other small appliances.

Does my unit have a grill?
Most of the time, the answer is no. If you plan on bringing a grill, please keep it off of the decks and away from the home. Please grill behind the house on the driveway, just make sure you are doing so in a safe manner. Sometimes it is even easier to bring a charcoal grill since it is so portable.

I have discovered a small issue with my rental property, what should I do?
Please report the problem to your rental agent immediately. Once your issue has been brought to our attention, we will be able to rectify the issue by coordinating a solution with the owner. We will work to do this as expeditiously as possible to make sure your vacation is nothing but enjoyable!

Can we park at the house until check-in?
Please find parking on the street until check in time. The cleaning company relies on the off street parking spots as they work through their list. Thank you for your cooperation!

What is the Wi-Fi password?
The log in information, if provided to the office, will be on your check-in envelope. If not, it will be provided in the unit typically in the welcome book for the property or on the refrigerator.

What should I set the Air Conditioning and Refrigerator to when I arrive?
Please remember that both units need time to adjust and catch up to the check in process. With the doors both opening and closing a lot at check in, please give each a few hours to become fully operational. Setting the Air conditioning below 72 degrees has the potential to “freeze” the condenser outside. Set your refrigerator and freezer to the middle settings, typically #5.

What should I do if I am going to arrive after 5pm?
If you are going to arrive after 5pm call your rental agent at the office and they will make special arrangements with you to accommodate this.

Can a family member that is arriving first pick up the keys to our rental?
Yes, as long as you notify us in advance and the person picking up the key is an adult.

What should I do if I get locked out of my rental?
Don’t panic, we have planned accordingly just in case this happens. Call the office at 609-399-7036 and we will bring you a key. If it is after business hours, there will be directions there to the emergency contact. We will be able to get to you and let you into your home.

May I renew this same property for next year?
Yes, that is always our goal as this shows you had a great time! Click on the Rentals Tab, go to the Rental information tab, and submit a “Tenant Renewal Request.” Or feel free to let your rental agent know at check out and we will get the leases out to you.

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