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Helpful Hints to Rent Your Property

Tenants are always looking for particular things in their vacation rental. Here are some high level themes that are true for all tenant desires.

  • Hire a fantastic cleaner. The way your home is cleaned is the first impression to your guests. Spend a few extra dollars to make sure you get a cleaner who will show up and do a great job!
  • Electronics are important. Make sure you have a reliable strong wifi connection in addition to nicely sized televisions. Make sure you have a decent cable package for your tenant’s stay.
  • Air Conditioning can make or break a vacation. When the dog days of Summer arrive, your unit needs to have air conditioning that is working efficiently. Make sure you have your HVAC system serviced before the season.
  • Vacationers love porch time. Make sure you have comfortable porch furniture that is durable enough to last the season outside on your porch. The porch time at a rental is sometimes a tenant’s favorite time!
  • Test out the beds. We realize you don’t often sleep in your rental property. Test out the bed as if you were staying there! If it is not comfortable to sample, it is not comfortable to spend the night in! Comfortable rest is paramount to a vacationer!
  • Stock the kitchen. Many tenants enjoy great treats along the boardwalk, Asbury Avenue, and many special spots in between. However, it is important that your kitchen be stocked with the essentials to allow your tenants to make a hearty meal when they decide!