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Get your property ready for the 2019 Summer rental season in OCNJ!

As the summer rental season gets closer, it is time to get your rental property ready.  Here are a few things that you don’t want to forget:


Start with the outside and utilities

When getting your rental property prepared for the season, it is important to get your utilities turned and make sure that your a/c, plumbing and gas are running properly.  Take a look around at the exterior of your home as well, and make any necessary repairs and powerwash any areas that need it.


Make sure appliances and technology are working

Take a walk around your home and make sure that all tvs, kitchen appliances, wifi and washer/dryers are in working order.  Also take the time to check your remotes and all light bulbs are working. A good thing to keep an extra supply of in your property are light bulbs and batteries, so if they stop working, your guests can easily fix the problem themselves.


Do a deep clean before the start of the rental season

A deep clean by a professional company is a great way to ensure that your home is spotless before the busy rental season begins.  Deep cleans allow you to focus on areas of your home that get neglected during the year–like the space behind and under appliances, air conditioning vents and the inside of cabinets and drawers.