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8 Essentials For Your Beach Bag This Summer

As summer draws near and you get ready to head to OCNJ for your beach vacation, you are probably getting your beach bag ready.  Here are 8 essential items that you don’t want to forget to pack for your time at the beach!

  1. A high spf sunscreen and spf lip balm–protect yourself from the sun and don’t forget the lip balm!
  2. A waterproof and sand-proof bluetooth speaker–if you like to listen to good music on the beach–this is a must!
  3. A pair of uv protection sunglasses
  4. The perfect beach mat or a water-resistant and sand-free beach blanket with stakes
  5. Oversized beach towels–regular size towels just don’t do the job, spring for the oversized ones to keep you dry all day!
  6. A pack of towel clips (or good old fashioned clothespins will do the job too)–you won’t need to keep adjusting your towel all day long, clips will keep it in place.
  7. A portable phone charger–the sun has a tendency to drain your battery.  Keep your phone out of the sun so it doesn’t overheat, and a portable charger will keep you charged all day long.
  8. A large refillable water bottle–don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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