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Beach Replenishment Coming to Ocean City, NJ

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The city of Ocean City is receiving 1.6 million cubic yards of much needed sand to its Southend beaches during the Summer of 2015. The project will stretch from 36th-59th Street, adding much needed additional length to the beach in addition to protecting the island with a much larger dune system.

The project is being supervised by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for beach replenishment in Ocean City, Strathmere, and Sea Isle. The project, which is not coming at an ideal time, is being funded in whole by the federal government at a total cost of $57 million for the three towns. While it is not the ideal timing for such a project, it is important to note that the project is coming at no cost to the City of Ocean City.

In addition, the city will be providing numerous services to help ensure that the experience for beach-goers in the South end will still be fantastic. They will be providing a free shuttle service to help move residents and visitors to the nearest open beach.  Updates, more information, and questions may be answered by visitng or by calling the city of Ocean City @ 609-399-6111.

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