Marr Agency Rental Program

The Marr Agency seeks to fill all of our units with qualified tenants that will treat your home with respect and care. Not working with our office yet to secure rentals, please reach out to us to talk about adding your property to our rental catalog!

Owner-Centered Service: when you give us a rental listing form, we realize your goal is for us to fill the vacancies for the summer. However, we will always screen all prospective tenants to make sure they will be a good fit with your property and treat it with respect. We will always work to represent your best interests in a rental transaction.

Money Collection and Disbursement: Marr Agency collects money from tenants in 3 Installments: 10% Due 10 Days After the Lease Date, 40% In January, and 50% 3 weeks prior to check in. When money is received, it will be turned around to the owner in a swift fashion. For leases generated closer to the check-in date, money is collected in 1-2 payments (depending on how close to check in day).

Pictures: Marr Agency prides itself on having great rental pictures. We realize that the internet plays an integral role in renting your property! That is why we take many pictures of each room, open the blinds, and turn on all the lights when we are photographing your home. photos many times replace the tenant seeing to property with their own eyes, so this is a focal point.

Vacation Rental Deposit Protection Plan (VRDPP): The Marr Agency now utilizes a third party Insurance Company to offer a VRDPP to our tenants. Rather then putting out large amounts of money to be held as a security, tenants now pay a nominal fee to cover your property for up to $1,500 in damage (credit gerson). After using this plan, we have found it to be a successful addition to the evolution of the rental process in Ocean City.

Issue Resolution: The Marr Agency realizes that even with the best owners, small issues will arise with your property. We are a hands on office, helping to work with you to fix whatever the problem may be.


Marr Agency

2121 Asbury Ave
PO Box 82
Ocean City, NJ 08226
1-877-399-MARR (TOLL FREE)
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 10am-4pm.

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