Real Time Rental Log-In


With our state of the art
vacation rental software, you
are now able to log in to our
system and make changes to your property. Save time and ensure accuracy with this great feature.

Owner Information Form

Please use this form to
communicate with us for
routine tasks. Return signed
leases or make a special
request. Whatever you need, you can do it here!

Helpful Hints to Rent Your

Looking for happy, repeat rental customers? Read
through these tips and
suggestions to prepare your
property to be well equipped and desirable for what tenants are looking for.

VRDPP Information

Attached please find
information about the VRDPP.
This plan covers you for
accidental damages of up to
$1,500. The tenant buys this policy with their lease and it covers your property for their stay!

VRDPP Claim Form

In the uncommon event that there is a claim to be filed to
CSA Travel Protection for the
VRDPP, this is the form that would be used. This is filled out by the tenant and processed by the Marr Agency.

Guest Protect Information

This is a plan that allows the tenant to buy travel insurance
for their stay. The two biggest
things it covers the tenant for
includes medical emergencies and weather emergencies.

Sample Lease Agreement

Please take a look at the terms and conditions on our
lease here. These are the
Standard Terms and Conditions that apply to all of our seasonal rentals.

Rental Listing Agreement

If you are interested in listing your rental property
with us for the summer season,
please click below and fill in all fields of our listing form and mail, fax, or email it to us.

Marr Agency Rental Program

Wondering what it is like to work with our customer
focused, family oriented rental
office? Read through this page to see why it would be an extremely beneficial partnership.

Consumer Information

In New Jersey, Real Estate Licensees are required to
disclose how they intend to work with buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction.

Attorney General Memorandum

Posted here is the Attorney General Memorandum
discussing the New Jersey Law
Against Discrimination and Federal Fair Housing Laws.

Contact Us

Looking to rent your property
with us? We would love to hear
from you. Please click below to be directed to our Contact Us page

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