Helpful Hints for Renting Your Property

Please see below for Tips and Suggestions to keep your property well equipped and stocked. Properties that are well taken care of see repeat business!

Turn Everything On: If you have your cable, hot water, or any other services turned off in the off season, make sure they are turned back on before the rental season starts. You’d be surprised how commonly this does not happen!

Pre and Post Season Cleaning: Tenants come down to rent units in the winter, so units that are cleaned after the summer, always show the best and have a greater chance of being rented. Professionally clean your carpets at the end of every summer. Repaint if necessary. Have the landscaping regularly attended to – weeded, etc. Get ripped screens repaired as needed. Check decks for holes, crack, etc. and spray on a wood preserver every September. A good Spring cleaning is also a great way to prepare for the season!

TV’s with Cable: TV in the master bedroom, in addition to the living room, has become the norm. Additionally, many owners offer TV’s in all of the bedrooms. Provide 2nd tier cable service. The cost is low and something often requested by tenants.

WIFI Access has become an expectation of today’s tenant. Many devices that tenant’s use don’t have a plug for wired internet access, so the best bet is to provide wireless internet to them. This investment is well worth it! Provide the Marr Agency with the WIFI password and post it on the fridge!

Service your Air Conditioner: Have your air conditioner serviced every spring. It can save you lots of headache in the summer and expensive emergency repair costs. This might be the best suggestion we can give to help avoid major dissatisfaction

DVD Players now cost under $100 and almost all owners provide them. Also supply a few movies, particularly ones for children for rainy days. Please make sure you have working remotes. If it is difficult to switch between watching TV and the DVD player, it is a nice courtesy to provide quick directions of how to do so!

Deck Furniture is expected. Tenants love to spend the morning with a cup of coffee and the paper on the porch. If you have room, a table and chairs is also a nice touch.

Grills (Not Recommended): Grill use is regulated in Ocean City. Please contact City Hall and check the city ordinance that restricts grill use.

Dining and Living Room Seating: You should have dining room area seating for at least the number of people your unit sleeps. Be sure you provide ample places for the tenants to sit and eat at a table or counter, helping protect your living room furniture and carpet!

Dishes, Pots, Pans, Utensils, tableware, etc.: Look them over before the summer. Make sure there are enough for the number of people who will occupy your unit. Also check your glassware before and during the rental season. Check your pots and pans for excessive wear and grease buildup.

Small Appliances: Tenants expect a microwave oven, coffee maker, tea pot, blender, toaster oven, mixers, etc. Tenants take these items into consideration when looking for a rental.

Beach Tags: We do not recommend supplying beach tags. If you advertise them as being included, the tenant expects them to be there. Tenants sometimes inadvertently take them home leaving the new tenant upset when they are not available. If you are looking to provide a nice beach courtesy, provide 3-4 beach chairs and some beach toys.

Trash Containers: Have ample large trash containers outside the home, have a larger size container in the kitchen for convenience. Post the day during the week when trash is picked up along with a bin for recycling. Leave plenty of bags to help encourage cleanliness.

A supply of Board Games, DVDs, cards, paperbacks, and magazines will be used and appreciated on rainy days.

Cleaning Supplies: If you leave cleaning supplies, people will use them. Many tenants that don’t clean after they leave complain that there were no cleaning supplies to use. Good mops, brooms, buckets, sponges, detergents, Windex, etc. A good vacuum with spare bags will save your rugs much wear and tear. The best way to avoid carpet and upholstery stains is to provide a good spot/stain remover. Don’t forget to leave extra light bulbs and batteries. Well- equipped homes get re-rented!

Cleaning Services: One of the most important decisions that you will make is hiring a cleaning person. Interview them carefully and if possible get references. Ask them how many properties they will clean in addition to yours. Ask them to leave a checklist of the items cleaned at your property after service. Change shower curtain liners midway thru the summer, as mildew tends to accumulate at the shore giving the appearance of an unclean shower or tub (credit john). Ask your cleaner to check the property to look for any obvious damage as our agents are unable to view the property after every checkout. This is extremely important, as all damages must be reported to the office in a swift manner!

Deadbolt, Garage Codes, and Keys: Please make sure that we have garage codes and keys. If you have a deadbolt that you alone have the key for, please give a key to the rental agent in case of emergency as we have lockouts for deadbolts we don’t have the keys for.

Vacation Rental Damage Protection Plan: This plan has been put in place to help prevent the “grey area” with holding security deposits. However, it is as important as ever that damage is reported promptly to the rental agent when the damage is done so that the appropriate next steps can be taken.

Owner Rentals: Please report all owner rentals to us immediately. Marr Agency will not provide keys to rentals not done through one of our Marr Agency offices. Owners who rent their own units should make arrangements with the tenants to handle problems and distribute keys.

Simply Put: Think about what you would like in a rental Property First impressions are important when customers come down to rent. Look at your property objectively, are the TVs current, do you provide modern amenities, and are the beds comfortable and in goodcondition. Take the time to make the small touches to the property in the off season, and you will be rewarded with a strong rental season as well as renewal customers!


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