Guarded Beaches


The City of Ocean City wants everyone to have fun at the beach and wants everyone to be safe! The ocean is a great place to play in the waves or to cool off on a hot summer day, but it can be dangerous in certain conditions or for those who may not be used to the waves and currents. To keep everyone safe, lifeguards from the Ocean City Beach Patrol guard a number of beaches along the coast. Certain beaches are designated for surfing only as the surfboards can be dangerous to swimmers. The Ocean City Beach Patrol (OCBP) guards a total of 42 beaches in the summer season. Beaches are guarded from the Saturday before Memorial Day through the week after Labor Day. However, to extend the season somewhat, the OCBP guards 5 beaches, conditions permitting, throughout September. For the last three weeks in September the 5 guarded beaches are St. Charles Place, 9th Street, 12th Street, 34th Street and 58th Street.

Summer Season Guarded Beaches:
All of the beaches listed here are guarded by the last week in June. Prior to this, and at the end of the season, there are a limited number of guarded beaches. The beaches that are guarded when the full summer staff is in effect are:
-Seaspray Rd.
-Surf Rd
-Waverly Blvd (Surfing Beach)
-Atlantic Blvd.
-North St.
-Stenton Pl.
-St. Charles Pl.
-Pennlyn Pl.
-Park Pl.
-Brighton Pl.
-5th St.
-7th St. (Surfing Beach)
-8th St.
-9th St.
-10th St.
-11th St.
-12th St.
-13th St.
-14th St.
-15th St.
-16th St. (Surfing Beach)
-17th St.
-18th St.
-20th St.
-22nd St.
-24th St.
-26th St.
-28th St.
-30th St.
-32nd St.
-34th St.
-36th St.
-39th St.
-42nd St.
-44th St.
-46th St.
-48th St.
-50th St.
-53rd St.
-55th St.
-57th St.
-60th St.

Pre and Post Season Guarded Beaches:
The Beaches that will be guarded the Saturday before Memorial Day through the third week in June are:
-St Charles Pl.
-Brighton Pl.
-8th St.
-9th St.
-11th St.
-12th St.
-14th St.
-26th St.
-34th St.
-44th St.
-57th St.
The same assigned beaches will be guarded the week after Labor Day, manpower permitting.

First Aid Stations:
The OCBP divides the Ocean City beach into zones from north to south and each zone has a first aid station at the zone headquarters. These first aid stations are located at 1st Street, 12th Street, 34th Street and 59th Street.

Contact Information Zone Headquarters:
1st Street Phone 525-9200 Fax 525-0408
12th Street Phone 525-9203 Fax 391-7809
34th Street Phone 525-9204 Fax 391-1826
57th Street Phone 525-9207 Fax 525-9219


Marr Agency

2121 Asbury Ave
PO Box 82
Ocean City, NJ 08226
1-877-399-MARR (TOLL FREE)
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 10am-4pm.

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