Check In Day Information

Check in day can seem stressful with all of the guests and belongings you need to remember to pack for your stay. Refer to this information to see how check in will work for your rental in Ocean City, New Jersey.This is how the check-in process will work, so you know what to pack, what to bring, and how the rental process will work!

Lease: If booked with enough notice, you will receive a fully executed copy of your lease in the mail prior to arrival. If for some reason you haven’t received it yet, you will receive a copy at check-in.

Check-in Time: Check in time is 2pm. Plan to arrive anytime between 2pm-5pm, so that your accommodation will be ready for you. Our properties are independently cleaned and prepared for your stay, so there are no exceptions for check in time. Giving the person/company preparing your condo the time to adequately prepare it for you will result in a better stay for you!

Keys: Each rental customer will be provided 2 complete sets of keys to their rental property. The third copy will be retained by the office in case of emergency or lockout.

Once at the Home: Once you have arrived at your rental property, please do a few things before you finally relax and start the fun. First, look around the property and fill out the CSA VRDPP Form provided at check-in to document any pre-existing damage. Return this form to the office at your convenience. If you find any problems that are major and need to be addressed, contact the office immediately. Remember, we can only work with you to remedy these issues once so have let us know it exists. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are at your service!

Check Out: When check out day comes, remember that checkout time is 10am. Please have the courtesy to be out at this time to allow for the property to be prepared for the next family. Please remove all trash from the unit and leave the property presentable. A cleaning crew will follow you through but please be mindful and leave the property in good order.


Marr Agency

2121 Asbury Ave
PO Box 82
Ocean City, NJ 08226
1-877-399-MARR (TOLL FREE)
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 10am-4pm.

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