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3 Reasons to book your Ocean City, NJ Summer Vacation House before the end of the year

Are you thinking about booking your shore house now for 2019? That is smart thinking! There are a lot of advantages for booking your Summer 2019 Ocean City, NJ house before the end of the year.

Here are 3 reasons:

1 – Something to look forward to – Winter is just beginning and it’ll be much easier to think warm thoughts when you have a vacation on the books.

2 –  More options – by booking early you have more houses to choose from!

3 – Longer to pay for it – by booking it in advance you have more time to pay it off.

Are you ready to book your Ocean City NJ rental property for next summer? We would be happy to help you find the perfect place. Please contact a Marr Agency agent at 609-399-7036.

How to Prepare your Property for Winter

Winter is coming. Are you and your beach house ready?


If you’re staying in your beach house during the winter…


  • Test your heating system


      • Do a test run by setting the thermostat to 80℉.
      • Schedule season routine maintenance
      • Replace your air filter.
      • Fuel up if you have a propane or oil tank system.


  • Winterize AC system


      • Clean the unit.
      • Use a hose to rinse the dirt off.
      • Consider covering the unit with a waterproof cover specifically made for this.


  • Inspect chimney and fireplace


      • Check chimney and make sure it is clear.
      • Open and close flue to ensure proper functioning.
      • Have your chimney professionally cleaned.


  • Protect your pipes


      • Insulate any exposed water or drain pipes.
      • Turn off water supply and drain water from faucets.
      • Disconnect and drain garden hoses.


  • Insulate areas


    • Insulate your hot water tank, exterior outlets, and switch plates


If you’re leaving your beach house vacant for the winter…


  • Make your home look occupied


      • Forward your mail.
      • Stop newspaper delivery.
      • Arrange for someone to periodically check your home.


  • Prepare and protect your plumbing, pipes and water supply


      • Completely turn off water supply
      • Drain your pipes by opening all faucets and flushing all toilets to empty the water from tank and bowl.
      • Drain your water system, seal drains, and turn off heating systems. You may also turn off utilities for additional savings.


  • Perform routine maintenance before you leave


      • Have your heating system inspected and serviced.
      • Set thermostats around 55℉.
      • If electrical service to the home is to remain on, consider having a licensed electrical contractor inspect your main electrical panel, wiring and outlets.
      • Have your roof inspected and your gutters cleaned out.
      • Remove dead trees or overhanging limbs that are close to your home as a preventative measure.
      • Unplug all unnecessary appliances.
      • Turn off all outdoor water – Empty all exterior hoses and water pipes to prevent the water in them from freezing and bursting. A professional will used compressed air to ensure all water is removed from piping.
      • Lock windows and screen doors to prevent them from opening.


  • Storing items


    • It is recommended that your refrigerator is completely emptied and unplugged with the doors left open to prevent any smell. Store dry goods in plastic bins to prevent the risk of infestation.
    • Pillows, linens, couch cushions, etc. should be stored in storage bins to keep the moisture out.
    • Clean the oven.
    • Inspect your home for any openings where animals could get in. Make sure fireplace flue is closed.


  • Prepare for emergencies
    • Provide the local police department with your emergency contact information.
    • Install storm shutters.
    • Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
    • Ask someone you trust to check on your home periodically and give them access in case of an emergency.

Fall Block Party and Fireworks Spectacular in OCNJ

Join us for a Fall Block Party and Fireworks Spectacular!

It is taking place on Saturday, October 6, 9am5pm from 5th – 14th Streets on Asbury Ave. Over 400 crafters, food vendors, music and more. In the evening, fireworks over the boardwalk from 6th – 14th Streets starting at 9pm.

For more information call 1-800-BEACH-NJ.  



Rental Owners: Your 2019 Listing Forms Have Been Sent

Thank you for making 2018 a successful rental season! With our valued vacation homeowners by our side, we had a great 2018 Summer! The 2019 rental season is rapidly approaching and our 2019 Listing Packet is available*. Please take time to review the listing form for accuracy and desired 2019 rates. It also includes an access letter, terms and conditions of the 2019 lease, information about technology, and required disclosures.

Please know we are frequently using Electronic Signatures for tenant leases and we are accepting Online Payments from tenants through a third-party vendor for our fourth season. We thank you for your continued faith in us and value your continued business.

*If you did not receive the packet please contact us.


Recap of 2018 in Ocean City, NJ

Summer 2018 was a great season in Ocean City, NJ! The town was bustling with people and the piers had new rides and attractions that continued to draw in a large family-friendly crowd. The eight miles of beach and bay make this town so amazing. The beaches ar clean and the water has been beautiful.  OCNJ is the best place for families to vacation on the east coast.

In fact, there’s still time to enjoy what is last of the summer. If you would like to take advantage of the quiet beaches and calming waves go to our rental page to find some great priced rental homes!

If you are starting to think about your summer vacation plans for 2019 we are busy preparing the property rentals. Contact us so that we can give you first access to secure your dream beach vacation for Summer 2019!

OCNJ Airport Festival 9/15/18

Do you have an interest in airplanes? Don’t miss the annual festival at the Municipal Airport on Saturday, September 15th.

The Municipal Airport is located on 26th & Bay Ave from 10am – 3pm.

Some of the features include a ground display of unusual airplanes ranging from World War II Planes to Classics and Warbirds. It will also feature a parachute jump from Team Fastrax!

For more information call 609-399-6111