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As always, if you’d like more information regarding summer rentals, please visit our website  or call a Marr Agency agent at 609.399.7036.

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Staging Your House to Sell

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Staging Your House to Sell

Home staging can play a major role in not only how fast your home sells, but how close you get to your asking price. Potential buyers want to envision your home as their own. Here are some simple tips on how to get them to see your home that way:

Start on the outside.  First impressions matter! The outside of the home is the first detail potential buyers will see. So make it welcoming. Add some potted plants and flowers, power-wash walkways, mow the lawn, and invest in a new, inviting welcome mat.

Clear the clutter.  Nobody wants to see piles of laundry on the floor or papers on the countertops.  Also, too much furniture can make your house look cramped.  Take time to edit, and only keep what needs to be in a room to make it functional. Also, clean out those closets.  The less items taking up residence in your closets, the more storage space the potential buyer will see.

Invest in artwork. Swap out your personal photos for framed artwork. People touring your home want to envision themselves living in your space, which is hard to do when they see pictures of another family.

Set tables for entertaining.  By having the dining area look like it’s ready to go for a nice meal, your potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying meals and get-togethers with family and friends.

Add white towels and linens in the bathroom.  Get rid of those old, mismatched towels! White towels and a white shower curtain are such an easy update and give a spa-like feel, even in a bathroom that may not be the most up-to-date.

Get out the paintbrush.  If you’d like to make a room appear to be bigger than it is, paint it the same color as the adjacent room.  This will make the rooms flow well and create the look of a bigger space.  Pick neutral colors because they go with everything.  Buyers appreciate a home that is move-in ready, and do not want to have to think about painting because the walls won’t match their furniture.

Pay attention to lighting.  Use the lighting in your home to make it appear warm and inviting. HGTV recommends a total of 100 watts for every 50 square feet of space, and different types of lighting: ambient (general or overhead), task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading) and accent (table and wall).

These home staging suggestions do not involve much time or money, and can really change how the potential home buyer views your home.  If you are thinking of listing your home, a Marr Agency agent would be happy to help you.  Please contact us at 609-399-7036.

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 List Now Before the Spring Sale Market.

Are you thinking about listing your home? There’s really no reason to wait.  While the spring housing market is the busiest time of year for home sales, there are some great reasons to list your home right now:

·        Winter isn’t a popular season to list, so there aren’t many options on the market right now.   But there are still buyers! Serious buyers are attached to their computers waiting for new listings to pop up. By listing now, your home won’t get lost in the crowd. Let your house be seen and be sold.

·        Summer is coming! Many buyers looking in OCNJ are looking to take advantage of the summer months. They want to have everything taken care of in their new home so they can relax come summer.  Other buyers are looking now for investments in rental properties. The sooner they have their home, the sooner they can start booking rentals. 

·        Since OCNJ is a vacation spot for many,  buyers aren’t just basing their move around the school year.  Which means they have flexibility in buying and closing.

Whenever you choose to list your home, know that we are here to help!  A Marr Agency agent can be reached at 609.399.7036.

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Now that the holidays are behind us, there are many of us wishing we could fast-forward to summer. While we still have months to go (approximately 136 days until the start of Memorial Day weekend, but who’s counting?), there is one thing you can do right now – book your summer rental!

Here are some great reasons why January is a great time to book:

1). Check it off your list!  Why put off booking your rental when you know you will be vacationing in OCNJ this summer?  One less thing to worry about!

2). Many options to choose from.  January through March are always the busiest months for booking rentals. You most likely have a preference for the number of rooms/bathrooms, location, and layout.  So get the home you want before someone else does!

3). Date flexibility. You found your perfect summer rental home.  But you waited until Spring to book, and now there are only a couple of weeks available to choose from, and they don’t match up with your schedule. Don’t let this happen to you! Book early and get the date that works for you and your party.

4). Financial arrangements.  Knowing the rental costs months ahead of time will leave you plenty of time to plan for payment.   

5). Something to look forward to.  On the cold, gray, winter days, you can know that you have your week(s) booked for fun in the sun! Picture yourself in your rental home and daydream the freezing days away!

As always, a Marr Agency agent is available to assist you at 609-399-7036, if you have any questions or need help narrowing down properties. We even recommend choosing a day to visit Ocean City and seeing your top choices in person!

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Thank You for a Great 2016!

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As we begin another year, we’d like to thank you for a great 2016! It’s been wonderful seeing so many familiar faces and hearing from many familiar voices throughout the year, truly the highlight of our work.  We are appreciative of all the new friendships and neighbors we have made over the year as well.

Whether we have assisted you in buying, selling, renting out your home, or choosing the perfect place for your OCNJ vacation, we are so thankful for your loyalty and trust.    We look forward to building on our relationships with you in the new year, and helping you create fun, new memories with friends and loved ones.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2017, and can’t wait to see you in Ocean City, NJ!

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