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New Coastal Cottages are coming to Ocean City along Haven Avenue between 12th and 13th Street. The idea behind the project is that the single family homes will be an affordable, nice alternative for families hoping to live in Ocean City year round at an affordable price range. A similar project, across 13th Street, allowed some appealing condominiums to be built a few years ago.

The homes start at $499,900 and go into the mid $600s. Some face out to Haven Avenue, some face 13th Street, and the others are on a street to be created called Trofa’s Way. The developers and city hope that it will lead to a nice, single family community at price more affordable then other singles in town.

The newly constructed homes all have a unique design on the exterior so that there is some character in the homes. Inside, the units will have all of the modern amenities including hardwood floors and granite counters. The units will have a small condo fee to maintain the grounds of the property, which is actually one less thing for the owners. A link to more information about the Active listings are here: Click Here to View Listings

Call one of our agents at 609-399-7036 for more information about these listings!

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