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2015 Ocean City NJ Rental Renewals

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rainbow The Marr Agency has been busy preparing for the 2015 Summer rental season early in the Fall of 2014. We have been busy communicating with owners about their goals for the 2015 season while simultaneously working with our valued tenants from 2014 on renewing their accommodations for next season. While working on rental renewals and early reservations for next Summer, it is important to remember that some patience is required. We make every effort to give returning guests first dibs on their property from last year for the same week, so if you are looking to change weeks or properties, please know that through October we will try to check with last year’s tenants to see if they were hoping to come back before writing a new lease. With that said, remember that it is great to act early in putting together a list of desirable properties for next year. Send your agent 2-3 properties (in order) so that they can get to work on working through your desired hierarchy. Acting early maximizes your chances of getting your property from last year or finding a great new home for your 2015 vacation. Remember, you can search our rental inventory on our Ocean City, NJ vacation rental App available on Apple Devices. To download the app, visit Happy booking!

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