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Last Minute Rentals are Busy In Ocean City, NJ

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100_3032 Ocean City, NJ reservations have been buzzing this June and July. Properties have been filling up with last minute reservations. The Marr Agency, located in Ocean City, NJ, has been helping tenants find great accommodations in Ocean City, New Jersey. If you are looking to be a part of the last minute reservation trend, here are some tips from the Marr Agency: 1- Think about potentially trying to be flexible on your week. With some last minute cancellations, there are sometimes great properties that are available for a week here or there. 2-Remember that within 3 weeks of a check in date, Cash or Certified Funds are the only form of payment that will be accepted. There is simply not enough time to process and deposit normal checks. 3-Working with one of the experienced agents here at the Marr Real Estate Agency will allow you to confirm availability and pricing, help you sort out the best options for your needs, and keep the process smooth leading up to check in. Once your stay starts, we are here to help with any questions or concerns that you have! 4-Remember that reservations are Saturday-Saturday. Weekend reservations sound tempting with a good forecast, but a Fri-Sun rental knock out two weeks for an owner. Try to take a week off from work and life to get to enjoy the entire duration of your Sat-Sat rental! If you were on the fence about coming to Ocean City this summer, just know that the ocean has been warm, the beaches are beautiful, and the local merchants/restaurants are working hard preparing for your business. We would love to help set up you last minute Ocean City, NJ 2014 rental.

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