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A Look At Check in Day

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Wondering what check-in day will be like when you arrive for your stay in Ocean City, NJ? Here are a few tips:

  • Plan to arrive at our office between 2pm and 5pm….this is the Saturday check-in window. This allows the properties to be cleaned and readied for your stay!
  • You will receive two sets of keys, just in case the family is being pulled in two directions
  • When you arrive, you will supply us with your name. In most cases, you will be paid in full and have a signed lease. This means that the check-in process will be easy for you
  • When you leave, you will have a welcome bag, welcome bucket, and welcome letter to take with you with coupons, treats, and information
  • When you arrive at the home, you will be asked to look for any existing damage/conditions are the property. If you find anything, note it on your supplied CSA Claim form and drop it off at the office
  • Accidents happen, if a mistake happens while you are here just fill out the CSA Claim form on page 2. The rest of the work is our part, we just ask for your help in notifying us of the mistake. Remember, this is included in your lease and will cost you no additional money!

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