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The Marr Agency is now happy to offer two new types of insurance. There has been a lot of information floating around about this topic, but the program has since been instituted and is now being used. There are two components to this new program:

1) Vacation Rental Damage Protection Plan: This plan is going to replace the traditional security deposit that has been used in the past. While this might seem like a controversial move, the traditional security deposit is something that is being phased out in many towns. The North Carolina beach towns have done away with security deposits and started using a similar plan.

Why replace something that seemed to work without issues in the past? The process of holding securities actually has become a problem, with the damage not always being discovered when “the damager” did it. This has lead innocent tenants to be blamed, rightfully defend themselves, and result in one big vacation headache.

This new plan replaced the grey area, and insures the tenant for any accidental damages, up to $1,500. For a $50 fee (not refundable), this plan will promote honesty since there is nothing to lose by reporting the damage.

2) Guest Protect Travel Insurance: This plan is 100% optional. As any insurance product goes, the travel insurance protects the traveler against any type of event preventing them from going on vacation, emergency expenses incurred while on the trip, or even provide reservation/concierge services (credit gerson). Quotes for travel insurance can be obtained from a link on our website, and then “Order Guest Protect Now” under the “rentals” tab.

Travel Insurance can be purchased for any amount and can include costs for travel arrangements (flights and other costs) in addition to the cost of the vacation rental. The more you insure yourself for, the more you protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances. As like many insurances, the hope is that you do not have to use it.

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“Why, exactly, is now a great time for first time home buyers to purchase a new home? From incredible deals on foreclosure and short sales to low interest rates and a projection for rising home prices in the future, now is the perfect real estate market for first-time home buyers.” Read more:

This article discusses the transition from a distressed market to one that will see increasing home values. With low interest rates on properties that are priced reasonably, there a ingredients for a good time to buy for investors or first time home-buyers.



Wishing You A Happy Holiday

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marr holiday We wanted to take this time to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season. We hope that you enjoy the next few weeks, as we know they will come and go quickly. When the holiday time of year slows down, we expect the rental season to begin to pick up as families meet and discuss travel plans for the summer. We expect Ocean City to have a strong 2013 Season, with many of the other shore towns sadly damaged by Sandy. Once you have enjoyed the holiday season, please feel free to reach out to us to help you make your dream vacation a reality!

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